AI-powered services to increase revenue

SWiP is designed for business owners and managers who are looking to increase their profit margins.

Market leaders

SWiP creates loyalty programs with the use of artificial intelligence that helps businesses increase their sales and their number of transactions.


cities in the CIS and Thailand,
where SWiP AI works

6 years

of successfully implementing SWiP AI in the
international market


brands that use SWIP technologies, including chains and individual establishments

SWiP Partners

SWiP works with various retail business and restaurants.

Main advantages of SWiP

100% Automatic

SWiPs algorithm independently analyzes orders, then segments customers into two categories: regular or rare. Then it automatically launches campaigns and notifies customers using PUSH and SMS to create promotions to boost loyalty.

  • If a customer moves from one segment to another, SWiP automatically changes their category.
  • Businesses have full control and can make changes to algorithm at any time.

Personalized Offers

SWiP AI creates individual loyalty programs by analyzing customer’s favorite products and offering attractive discounts to each customer based on their preferences.

  • As a result, conversion rates are 50% or higher.
Comparison of SWiP and traditional market solutions

SWiP platform modules

Our services integrate with AI models that expand the capabilities of any business.

Innovation for
your customers

  • Automatically calculates loyalty within three seconds, while completing the payment

  • Visual and convenient statistics of purchases and savings.

  • Customers can check their discounts and points at any time, which creates transparency.

SWiP calculation formats

At the checkout and at the table


Customers can scan QR code at the checkout or at a table


Loyalty is automatically calculated without any manual effort.


SWiP prices per location.

Find out the cost of connection and commission for your business

Additional modules

SWiP AI helps businesses earn more revenue by bringing in more customers.


The most convenient multifunctional service that is Now in the market, and tried a lot during the work. And support It works promptly, which is very important. The application itself is very convenient and for User, and for the company. In general, I am immensely satisfied) and guests too)



The application is very convenient, technological and I would say Even increasing the image of the institution. A very cool way of online payment, Functional personal account. Artificial intelligence returns, Holds, increases the frequency of purchases of guests. It is very convenient and saves A lot of time. Support works promptly and always helps Solve issues as quickly as possible. Employees are very cute and polite, in mainly in touch with Christina, work with feedback, striving Make work with the application simple and productive. Inform about innovations and always help. The application is stably updated and entered New functions. SWIP - it really helps to develop business, it is very easy with them And it is convenient to work. I recommend definitely.


That BUS

We have long been looking for a similar application that was supposed to To facilitate the work with the loyalty program. And glad they found! Comfortable, Easy to use, both for us and for our guests. Very well, that there are always in touch managers who will help and tell you any question. Guests are satisfied that they have the opportunity to save bonuses and participate in shares. We are satisfied that we can always easily create promotion, promote the goods and notify the guest about the novelties.


Between two rivers

SWiP is a very cool and convenient application for attracting customers and also gives out promotions that are convenient for you. They maintain 100% transparency and their app is very easy to use. Technical support is at the highest level!


Alex Coffee

SWiP presentation

Reach out to understand how SWiP works and in case you have any queries.